Saturday, October 17, 2020

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A Coward’s Guide got its first 2 star (out of five) review today. I’ve been wondering when this would happen. All along I’ve told people, “You’ll either love it or hate it.” This Amazon lover hated it. Let the book’s title be a clue: If you have no interest in art, then take a pass. MM Kent

Amazon Lover 

Reviewed A Coward's Guide to Oil Painting by MM Kent

in the United States on October 13, 2020

2.0 Low Quality - Two Stars

     I tried to get into this book but the story was simply not up to par. The author did an okay job of describing the setting but a very poor job of developing the characters. This ultimately led to the story being hard to follow and digest. The author seems to rely too much on the art side and too little on the writing side.

     I have rated it 2 stars as fans of oil paintings may find some pleasure in it. Outside of that, it's a pass.


 Note –

First person characters develop from the inside out. A Coward’s Guide is written almost entirely in first person, which means the reader must be able to empathize or else all is lost. :)

Empathy by MM Kent
[SOLD summer of 2020]

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