Saturday, July 11, 2020

Now Available at Last

Boxes of Books
came the other day. They are
Advance Reader Copies.
I've been sending them to folks
in hopes of getting reviews for 
my novel,
A Coward's Guide to Oil Painting.

At long last, the vision has become
reality. These ARCs
were rife with typos, syntax errors and
a few formatting glitches.

I've spent the past two weeks cleaning
up the manuscript with the help of friends
 and loves ones to create a polished
final version that I'm proud of. 

The odyssey of self-publishing
 is a daunting one, but I have to say in 
the literal sense, that I've built a book
from scratch, much as I've previously
built a house.

It is a relief to be finished.
Now, it behooves me to sell
the thing aggressively.

I've made a decision to promote 
my book with Amazon ads and Fb ads.
There is no newsletter. 

If you are 
interested in keeping updated on
MM Kent, the reviews that come in
and the progress of the sequel, 
then simply follow this blog
or follow MM Kent on Facebook.

The e-book is $5.95
paperback is $17.95

Order now on Amazon.

There are bells and whistles on my website:

Thank You
Enjoy your Reading!

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